Anerytheristic, or Anery, retics originated here at Prehistoric Pets, stemming from Dwarf and SuperDwarf lines.  It is a simple recessive morph that removes all red pigments, leaving behind Charcoal Grey, Black, and White snakes as hatchlings, which as with all Retics develope varying amounts of yellow (which is a light green tone in Anerys), depending on the yellow influence the snake has from it's parental lineages.  This gene is the key to producing both shocking combos, such as Snows, and subtle combos that can be appreciated for hours on end.  It may also hold the key to bringing out completely unnatural tones in retics, such as blue or green, and could make some of the most amazing morphs the future of Retic breeding holds.

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Super Dwarf Het Albino

50% Kalatoa 12.5% Jampea
From $750.00

Super Dwarf Purple Albino

50% Kalatoa 12.5% Jampea

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